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Scott in Smiths Grove, KY *****
Wedding and Party Network has been great to work with. Customer Service is Awesome. They built two websites for me for both of my businesses and immediately, I started receiving business from them.
Barry in Columbia, MO *****
Wedding and Party Network and their staff has delivered on their product and has been phenomenal! In my book, Christy Rawls is the upmost professional in providing insight into the world of marketing and has indeed won the Oscar, a Grammy & the Tony. She relates and makes it very personable and I'm just not a number or $$$. In the world of steak: "Rare!" A GREAT PARTNERSHIP!
Crockette in Cape Girardeau, MO *****
Truly Great, Unbelievably Amazing and THE BEST COMPANY I've ever had the privilege of working with. Wedding & Party Network built my website and takes care of all my Social Media for me.

I love how personal everyone is and how much work they apply to every individual client they have. I love the personal phone calls. The relationship you'll have with the team members at Wedding & Party Network will really help grow your business. You can trust them to do their best at all times.

I've NEVER worked with a better company. I'm very happy with the money I spend with Wedding & Party Network. I can always see results and measure where my profit comes from.

I will never leave.

Thank you Christy for all your love and support. YOU have really made a difference in my business for me! Love ya :-)
Beverly in Temple, TX *****
Christy Rawls is excellent in her field of expertise. I have been with Wedding and Party Network for years and Christy has been there every step of the way with me. Christy is more than my Rep for Wedding and Party Network, she is family to myself and my company Unforgettable Incorporated. I never want to be without Christy handling my requests or helping me with what my company needs. She knows this business inside and out and what will work or not work. Christy is a precious gem that has unending value and I can never Thank her enough for all she does for me and my company. You are Awesome Lady!!!!!!!
Stephen in Nashville, TN *****
If possible I would give Christy Rawls and WPN a 10 star rating. The services they have provided me over the last few years has been above and beyond. I call Christy the Mighty One because she IS. She's mighty in every aspect of customer service and very knowledgeable in her field. I can't recommend WPN and Christy enough. If she calls you, say YES!
Tim in Panama City, FL *****
Christy has made all the difference for my company being successful. She took over my website 5 years ago and all I can say is WOW, she turned my website into a lead generating machine. Anytime I need anything from her, I call or send an email and like magic, my requests are fulfilled. Christy is not only my rep at Wedding & Party Network, we have build a beautiful friendship along the way. I will never leave her as she is the Best! Thanks Girl for all you have done for me and my Company!
Dennis in Panama City Beach, FL *****
I have been with Wedding and Party network for several years, and while Christy has always been more than helpful, and she has! ... It needs to be said that every other person I have ever worked with, such as tech dept. folks, and receptionists, etc. all have been there for me. Great at what they do. They have me out there, being seen, drumming up inquiries, contacts, business. Thank you Christy and thank you Wedding and Party Network.
Amy in Lakeland, FL *****
Wedding and Party Network has increased our business. Christy is a great help anytime that I need her and the technical staff are great, too. They have designed a nice website for us; it makes us very accessible to people. They tell me all the time how easy it was to find our website.
Angela in Lakeland, FL *****
Christy has been a huge help with our account over the years!
Service and results!
Laura in Red Deer, AB ***
La Petite Jaune Fleur has been with Wedding and Party Network for several years. They designed a great website for me which I had them install into my main website on a separate tab. It is extremely easy for my clients to use. It is also very easy for me to go in and make changes if I want to add information and pictures. On the odd occasion, when I am extremely busy and not able to do those changes, I have made a quick call to Wedding and Party and have asked them to make changes for me and they are always happy to do so. The changes are made quickly and efficiently. I really love working with Wedding and Party Network. They provide the type of customer service I appreciate. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to increase their wedding and event work. I get many wedding couples booking time with me after they have been on my wedding page. A wonderful company to work with!
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