Website Appearance

Here you can change the visual appearance of your website, such as colors, background, header image and more. The window is divided into 3 sections: Colors and Patterns, Text Options, and Header Options. To get to your Edit Website Appearance options, select Site Tools on the right side of your Toolbar, then select Edit Website Appearance, the first option in the Site Tools menu.

Color and Pattern Options

This is where you can adjust the colors of your website, as well as the pattern of the background.

Background and Navigation Color

To set the colors of your website, click on the Background Color or Navigation Color buttons.

The Background Color is used as the color for the background, and the Navigation Color is used for menus and the footer. Both are also used in various other ways throughout the site to keep it clean and consistent.

Background Pattern or Image

The background of your website can be enhanced by using a repeated pattern or full-screen background image. Click the image at the bottom right of the Website Appearance window to choose from all available background images or patterns. Select the image or pattern you would like to use and click Choose at the bottom of the window to set it as the background for your website. Remember to Save Changes before leaving the Website Appearance window. Patterns will be shown in the chosen Background Color. Images are not affected by Background Color.

Text Options

Here you can adjust the text used throughout your website.

Text Color

The text of your website is often displayed on top of the colors you chose in the Colors and Patterns tab. Here you can have the option of either dark or light text to display on the colors you've chosen for your website.

The general text color for the main copy of your website is black, and cannot be changed.

Choose A Font

Choose whether to use a Serif font or a Sans Serif font for your site. This will affect all text displayed on the website.

Header and Footer Options

Here you can change the image displayed in the header of your site, as well as your logo.

Header Background

You can choose an alternate background image to be displayed at the top of the website page. Click the Pick Header Image button to open the image selector window.

By using the tabs at the top of the window, you can:

  • Upload an image from your own computer.
  • Use your own, previously uploaded, image.
  • Use one of the stock images provided.

Large images will be automatically re-sized to fit the header area. You can pre-size your image to 960x260 pixels before uploading to make sure it shows the full image.

All images uploaded via the Header Background section will be kept separate from regular gallery images.

Adding A Logo

You can prominently feature your business's logo image for your website. If you choose not to have an image for your logo, your company's name will be displayed in the logo box.

To use an image, click the Pick Logo Image button. You can upload a new image, use a previously uploaded image, or pick from stock photos. It's best to use an image that clearly displays your company's name.

To remove your logo image, click Remove Logo to revert to using your company name as text in the logo area.

Logo Position

Your logo can display on either the left or right side of the header image. To Change your logo's position, select Left or Right by clicking the small circle nearby. Choose a position that works best with your header's background image. The top navigation links will move to the opposite side of the logo.

Once you have finished making changes to your website's appearance, click Save Changes to save what you have done or Cancel to close the window, without making any changes.

Your changes will be discarded if you click Cancel, although uploaded header and logo images will be saved to Your Images in the image selector.

Footer Style

Your footer is what appears at the very bottom of your webpage. It usually shows your business' name, address, phone number, and more. You have two options for your footer style: Normal and Minimal. Normal shows more information in your footer and expanded footer links. Minimal shows less info, and places all of your info on the center of your footer.

Show Address

This option lets you select whether you would like your address to show up on your footer. Move the selector to either Yes or No to make your selection.

Address Position

If you choose to display your address, you can either display it on the left or right side of your footer. Under Address Position, choose Left or Right to make your selection.


Themes allow you to change the look of your website, such as the fonts and border styles, without having to redesign your entire website. There are 6 Themes to choose from: Carefree, Crisp & Bold, Modern & Fun, Open Air, Simple & Clean, and Translucent.


Packages are preset Template Package options that allow you to change the entire look of your website, including colors, background patterns, images, and more, with one press of a button. Be cautious though: these change cannot be undone once they are saved.