The slider is a customizable tool that allows you to display images or new content in a continuously revolving fashion.

To add a slider, select Add To Page from the Toolbar, then select Slider from the Content section of Add To Page.

When you select Slider you'll be prompted to edit your slider before it is placed on your page. You can select from three different sizes of sliders: slim, medium and tall. Each size slider will show different amounts of the pictures in your slider, so choose your pictures wisely. You can always go back and change your slider size if you feel like your pictures aren't showing up the way you want them to.

To add pictures to your slider, select the + Add New Slide button under Slides, and then select pictures for your slider from either you computer or from pictures you've previously uploaded that are stored in your Image Gallery.

You can also give the pictures you add some more information for visitors to read, such as a Title, Description, Button Text and Slide URL that your slide will link to (Note that buttons will only show if both the text and URL are entered, and URLs must start with http:// or https:// to work).

Click Save Slide when you've got your information correct and your picture selected.

When you've added multiple pics to your Slider you can choose the order that your pictures will appear in your slider by clicking and dragging your slides around from left to right. When you've edited your Slider the way you want it to appear on your web page, select Save Changes.