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What's Your Customer Service Grade?
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What's Your Customer Service Grade?

With social media and review sites like Yelp, customer service is more important now than ever. One bad review may not cause drastic damage to your business and its reputation, but several bad reviews can run your name into the ground.

Taking the time to evaluate your customer service grade can help take your business to the next level. Do you have what it takes for 5 star service?

5 Stars

  • You take the time to listen to customers and assess their needs, before attempting to solve their problem.
  • You make the customer feel special and important.
  • You aren’t afraid to admit a mistake and apologize.
  • You go above and beyond to give customers not only what they need, but also exceed their expectations.
  • You ask for feedback, and always try to improve.
  • You respect your employees, and treat them well.

3-4 Stars

  • You take the time to listen to customers, but don’t always assess their needs before trying to solve their problems.
  • You make the customer feel important.
  • You will admit to a mistake and apologize when it is brought to your attention by the customer.
  • You meet all of your customers needs.
  • You sometimes make changes when you receive negative feedback.
  • You value your employees.

1-2 Stars

  • You may listen to what a customer needs, but ultimately you do what you think will be best.
  • You make customers feel unimportant.
  • You feel you never make mistakes, and if you do, you’d never admit to it.
  • You meet some of your customers needs.
  • You get angry when you receive negative feedback, and don’t attempt to make any changes.
  • Your employees are only there to do what you tell them.

Where did you fall? Hopefully, you scored somewhere between 3-4 and 5 stars. A 5 star rating may seem impossible, and everyone is only human, but there is always room for improvement. If you fall below 3-4 stars, you should reevaluate your customer service. No one wants to work with a person who only cares about themselves. This means it is time to create a plan and improve your business. Sometimes little changes can make big differences! Also, don’t forget to have your customers leave you a review on your Wedding and Party profile!

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