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The Future Is Bright

The Future Is Bright

If you have been concerned about the future of the event planning industry, this should give you a boost! Four teenage entrepreneurs in Sioux Falls, SD have successfully started a party planning business, and it is pretty impressive.

Party Plan-It was started by four young girls as a way for them to earn money over the summer. Two of the girls had already begun a summer camp for their neighborhood when one of the camp moms asked if they could ehlp plan her child's party. They brought two more friends on board and two years later, they are still going strong.

These young entrepreneurs take care of every aspect of the party planning, except the food. From games and decor to the clean-up, these girls mean business. Their goal is to take care of everything so the parents can enjoy the party with their child. If a parent just needs them to work the party, they do this also, including clean-up, picture taking, and making a list of gifts for thank you cards. They have their own website that includes their special party packages. They've done everything from rainbow and spa parties for girls to fireman and Minecraft for boys.

In a world where most millennials are described as lacking motivation, these girls are beating those odds and changing the stereotype. If this is any indication, things are looking bright indeed! Who knows? Maybe they'll become proud members of Wedding and Party Network in the future!

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