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Bettering Your Business with Surveys Jan 21, 2021 »

Surveys are one of the easiest ways for a company to receive feedback. They help drive your business forward in more ways than one and can be an easy part of helping you make decisions as a company. In the past, collecting data was a long and strenuous process; however, recently, receiving feedback from your customers, employees, or even the general market has become easier than ever before. Surveys are an essential part of growth, and we're here to show you how you can create the perfect…

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The Value of Referrals Jan 11, 2021 »

Referrals happen when a current customer of your business shares what they like about it to a potential customer. This could be a friend, family member, or even a stranger. Either way, this word-of-mouth has a huge impact on the growth of your business. We're here to teach you about the value of referrals and how to get them.

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Creating Brand Equity for your Business Jan 05, 2021 »

What does it mean to have brand equity? How do you manage it? What are the benefits? We’re here to give you some tips on creating brand equity for your business and why it's important.

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Social Media - What's That? Dec 29, 2020 »

Social media can be a fantastic tool for your business. It can provide many benefits and give you an advantage over your competition. But how do you get followers and create a more loyal customer base?

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Improving Your Virtual Customer Service Nov 25, 2020 »

We all know that customer service is one of the most critical functions of your business. Without showing your customers that you support them and hear their needs, you risk losing your credibility as a business. During 2020 we have discovered the importance of upkeeping your online business and how it can help keep you afloat when you can't be face to face with your customers. Customer service comes in many shapes and forms and should not be ignored, especially when it comes to your virtual…

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Increasing Brand Awareness Oct 07, 2020 »

The free market can be a remarkably competitive place, and if you don't know how to play your cards correctly, it's easy to be overlooked by customers who may need your products or services. Part of having a hand in this competition is the ability to be easily recognized by potential consumers. You want to stand out from the crowd and give buyers a reason to choose your brand over others. Spreading awareness can be crucial to making a name for yourself and your business. When people are…

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Building Your Credibility Oct 01, 2020 »

Gaining the trust of your potential customers is a necessary step in helping your business grow. That's why building credibility is such a big deal. Credibility means that others look to you as a reliable resource and trust you to do a good job when they're doing business with you. Building credibility won't happen overnight–it has to be earned, just like respect. Establishing your credibility shows that you are committed to your business and that you're serious about providing real…

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Online Engagement: Hosting a Digital Scavenger Hunt Sep 11, 2020 »

Keeping your audience engaged is extremely important, especially right now. One of the ways you can do this is by featuring a digital deal scavenger hunt! This is a fun and exciting way to engage with your audience and drive traffic back to your website. Here's how you can do your own digital scavenger hunt

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The New Normal: Ecommerce Jul 10, 2020 »

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many parts of life as we know it for all people around the globe. The wedding industry has had to come to a standstill, forcing couples to postpone or reposition how they hold their wedding day, inherently affecting how vendors do business as usual. As social distancing hs become standard, in-person visits to brick and mortar stores have declined substantially. With many spending up to 30% more online in recent months. Though much uncertainty is in the air…

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How to Use Social Media to Promote your Brand Jun 11, 2020 »

In an ever-changing world, technology has taken a forefront in the way that we promote our businesses. As the market changes daily, so does the way we communicate with our customers. There are one hundred and one ways to go about promoting your business, and the best option for your brand might not the best option for other brands.

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Staying Connected Using Social Media Mar 31, 2020 »

Staying connected to your customers has never been more critical. It can be difficult, especially right now, to close the distance between you and your customers. But there's a lot you can do to stay connected, especially on social media. Check out some ways you can use social media to keep communicating with your consumers.

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Small Businesses and the COVID-19 Crisis Mar 24, 2020 »

It's no secret that the majority of the world is currently facing a crisis. While most corporations and chains will be fine and have plans in place to help them through trying times, what about small businesses? What can they do to get through this crisis? There's no easy answer, but there are a few things that small business owners can do to help ease the strain of this crisis.

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Making The Most Of Reviews Mar 18, 2020 »

One of the best ways to improve your business in every aspect is through reviews. Good or bad, it’s important to pay close attention, as they make a significant impact on your brand and your business decisions. Check out our steps on how to take advantage of customer reviews!

Let's Break It Down

The first thing new and existing customers do when researching a business is to look at the reviews. According to, 97% of people read reviews for local businesses, and 90% of them…

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Successful Networking Ideas Mar 04, 2020 »

Any business owner knows the importance of networking, but finding time in your already too-busy schedule can be difficult. We know that time is money, but devoting a portion of your week to networking can be well worth it. This is a great opportunity for you to find new business leads, potential partners for upcoming projects or events, and brand new customers. Here are a few ideas on the best ways to network for your small business.

Get Social

With social media readily available, why not use…

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Exceeding Customer Expectations Feb 19, 2020 »

It's so important to know what your customers expect from you so you can provide them the best experience possible. It's not always an easy task, but we're here to help! Check out some of our tips on how to exceed your customers' expectations.

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Overhaul Your Brand Feb 12, 2020 »

Branding is a concept that is largely discussed, but difficult to definitively pinpoint. This is due to its conceptual nature. A brand is rarely ever based on objective truths, but rather subjective thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Despite its abstract makeup, there are many steps that businesses can take to ensure their branding is impactful!

Stay Stategic

Every decision, word, and action made by your business reflects your brand, no matter how small. Thus, it is imperative that your brand…

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Is Freelancing Right For You? Feb 05, 2020 »

It can be hard to find the time and energy to do it all on your own. In today's world, you have to constantly churn out new content to stay relevant. Instead of getting overwhelmed and overworked, consider working with freelancers to help with the workload. Not convinced? Check out the benefits of hiring freelancers!

It's Cost-Effective

Not every business has the budget to hire another full-time team member. That’s why freelancers are a much better option because it’s up to you how…

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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas Jan 29, 2020 »

We are only a few weeks away from Valentine's Day, which is the perfect opportunity for some fun marketing strategies. Show your customers some love with discounts, creative emails, entertaining events, and more. Check out our ideas and get some inspiration!

Creative Email Campaign

Email marketing is still the top marketing strategy because it works! Use a fun email campaign to get your customers’ attention this Valentine’s Day. Include the products and services your business offers…

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Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies Jan 22, 2020 »

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘You’ve got to spend money to make money.’ While this might be true for some, it’s definitely not the only way to make money—especially if you own a small business. Marketing on a budget can be done, and done successfully! Take a look at our guide on how to get the biggest marketing bang for your buck.

Ask For Referrals

There’s no harm in asking your consumers for a referral. Just remember to be confident in your abilities…

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Word-of-Mouth Advertising Jan 15, 2020 »

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been a great form of marketing for businesses. It has proven to be quite successful, with 90% of consumers stating that they trust recommendations from people they know. But the world of word-of-mouth has seen some changes since the Internet has come around. Check out how this advertising technique has evolved in the last several years:

Consumers' Voices Are Widely Recognized

Today, consumer discussions about your business are no longer limited to face-to-face…

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Creating Purposeful Content Jan 08, 2020 »

It’s very important that your business puts out valuable content for its consumers. Your marketing strategy is crucial in helping the company get sales, which is why you should be spending just as much time and effort working on it. Writing content that has a purpose takes more than content creation because you want to show authenticity and effectively communicate what your business stands for. Don’t be afraid to get involved and start building a purpose-driven marketing strategy!

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Marketing To Millennials Jan 01, 2020 »

Millennials are a very broad group, consisting of people born between 1981 and 1996, which makes those individuals aged 23 through 38 in 2019. Because this generation is so large and subsequently diverse, it can be hard to pin down exactly how to market to this generation.

While marketing to millennials can present its challenges, it’s well worth the work. Before you jump in, the first thing you should do is learn more about millennials. Here’s some information that might be helpful:

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Your Guide To Creating Instagram Captions Dec 25, 2019 »

Did you know that in 2018, there were one billion active monthly users on Instagram? That’s a 200 million user increase from 2017. Instagram has been consistently growing its popularity, which means it’s a great platform for businesses to reach their target audience. But how can businesses effectively reach their consumers on Instagram? With a consistent posting schedule and actionable captions! Over 70% of companies in the U.S. have an Instagram profile. If you don’t have one…

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New Year Marketing Ideas Dec 18, 2019 »

2020 is right around the corner. With the new year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this occasion with festive promotions. If you’re here looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Keep your customers happy and your business thriving with these New Year marketing ideas!

Host A New Year's Eve Event

Hosting events is a great way to get consumers in your store. Get customers to come hang out for a fun-filled night. Promote your event on social media…

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Christmas Marketing Tips Dec 11, 2019 »

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is the perfect time to spread some cheer and promote your service or venue. Keep reading to learn valuable holiday marketing techniques that will help increase event bookings and sales this season.

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Gen Z Marketing Dec 04, 2019 »

Generation Z has been left out of many businesses' target audience because many consider this group of consumers too young to market to. We believe this is quite the mistake since the oldest members of this generation were born in 1997. Many of these consumers are already in the workforce or close to it. Excluding Generation Z from your marketing efforts could be a grave mistake, so we have a few suggestions for how your business can reach these new potential customers.

Give Them A Purpose


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Customizing Your Content Nov 27, 2019 »

Customized advertising is everywhere and many businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity. When it comes to marketing, consumers expect content to be catered to them. So how can you translate that to your marketing strategy? We have a few steps that can help you through the process of content customization.

Time To Evaluate

Before you begin, it's important that you define what kind of content your consumers want to see. Your goal is to get as much engagement as possible. Take…

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Snapchat For Business Nov 20, 2019 »

Is Snapchat really the place for businesses to be spending their time and money? While this may not be the right move for everyone, it's definitely the place for those in the wedding and event industry. This social platform has a few promotional avenues that can help you take your business to the next level. Connect with your target audience in a brand new way with Snapchat!

Snap Ads

Snapchat has now implemented advertisements that show up in the Discover section of the app. The ads can be…

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YouTube Marketing Nov 13, 2019 »

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world? This platform has risen in popularity with its abundance of video content and can be a great marketing tool. Video marketing is a strategy your business should be using. It's the perfect way to promote your business by showing off your products and services in a professional video. Get the exposure you've been looking for with YouTube:

What's Your Plan?

The first thing you need to do is come up with a game plan. Set…

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Does Email Marketing Still Work? Oct 30, 2019 »

Email marketing is still a popular marketing strategy, and for good reason. While many may be wondering if this form of marketing is worth their time, we’re here to tell you it is. Why? Because it works. Email marketing can turn potential customers into paying customers and first-time buyers into lifetime supporters. Still not convinced? We have proof that this strategy really works:

Email marketing is the top form of communication.

That’s right…

99% of consumers check their email…

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Welcoming New Customers Oct 23, 2019 »

Onboarding new customers is a very important process—you want to make sure your first encounter with them is a good one. Many may be under the impression that as soon as you’ve won them over—aka, they’ve made their first purchase—that’s all that needs to be done, but we beg to differ. Did you know that 40-60% of digital users will open an app once and never log on again? If you want to truly win customers over, you need to establish an effective onboarding plan.…

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Small Business Sponsorships Oct 16, 2019 »

You don’t have to be a big corporation to utilize sponsorship marketing. Sponsorship marketing is a great advertising strategy and can lead your business to more exposure. Not only that, but you can help out your community in the process. You don’t have to have a huge budget to make a positive impact—just your time can be enough. Check out our suggestions for using sponsorship marketing.

Why Sponsorship Marketing?

So what exactly is sponsorship marketing? Well, the word…

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Optimization Strategies Oct 09, 2019 »

If you feel like your website is not performing as well as it could, then we have a solution for you—optimization. Optimization strategies can improve your websites’ visibility online, ensuring you have a better ranking on Google. Check out our tips on how you can optimize your company website.

Popular Keywords

It’s all about the keywords you have on your website. Keywords and optimized meta information give your site a huge advantage when it comes to search engine rankings.…

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Mainstream Messaging Oct 02, 2019 »

While many of us use social media messaging every day, this popular online tool has other great uses that marketers have recently been taking advantage of. Consumers almost always have some form of technology on hand, so using messaging apps for business purposes can be a huge advantage for those that use them. Not convinced? Check out how you can implement this strategy into your marketing plan.

The Best Messaging Apps

Right now, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat are the leading…

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Canva for Social Media Sep 25, 2019 »

Eye-catching visuals for social media are an important part of your marketing strategy because they catch the attention of your online audience. But what if you lack graphic design experience? No need to worry—we have a solution! Canva is the perfect tool for any marketer. It’s an easy-to-use online design program that can help you design graphics for all your promotional needs. Not sure where to start? Check out our tips on using Canva:

Cover Photos

The very first thing someone will…

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Successful Retention Strategies Sep 18, 2019 »

Retention marketing is a successful strategy for many marketers, with several businesses reporting an increase in customers’ lifetime value. By consistently keeping customers happy, you’ll bring in a larger number of sales, which is why retention strategies are so important. Did you know that it costs seven times more money to attract new customers than it does to keep existing ones? Using these strategies could save you some major cash and help you build relationships with your…

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Content Marketing Sep 11, 2019 »

While the majority of businesses have developed a marketing strategy, many are missing a key part. Did you know that 63% of businesses do not have a content strategy? It’s important to establish a plan for the content you want to put out. In doing so, you’re more likely to achieve your main goals as a business. But what is involved in developing a successful content strategy?

Develop Goals

When you set goals, you’re giving yourself a guideline that can lead you to more exposure,…

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Interacting With Your Audience Sep 04, 2019 »

Connecting with your audience is more important than ever before. Did you know that 91% of business-to-business marketers are using content and social media marketing to build relationships with their consumers? As a business, your most important goals are to maintain existing customer relationships, acquire new ones, and listen and communicate with consumers. When you are actively doing these things, you are more likely to expand your consumer base. Whether you know it or not, people are…

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Influencer Marketing Aug 28, 2019 »

Looking for a new way to enhance your marketing strategy? Raise brand awareness with this popular approach—influencer marketing! Influencers are people with the ability to impact consumer purchases based on their position, knowledge, authority, or audience relationship. This strategy is wildly successful because established influencers are highly respected and listened to by their audience. Consumers crave reviews—they need proof that you can offer them a high-quality product or…

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The Basics of SEO Aug 21, 2019 »

You may have seen this acronym before, but do you know what it means? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the approach used to help increase a website’s search engine ranking. This is essential for businesses because it can help boost consumer traffic to your website. SEO can easily improve your visibility online—here are a few benefits:

Credibility with Customers

By optimizing your website, you are building credibility with your consumers. Encouraging positive user behavior,…

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Finding Insta-Success Aug 14, 2019 »

Instagram has continued to rise in popularity over the years, with both consumers and businesses. In fact, 25 billion companies use Instagram for business around the world. The reason businesses have flocked to this social platform is because of the 200 million users that view at least one business page every day. Instagram’s audience is actually more engaged than those on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have Instagram for business, that’s okay. We have a few steps to help…

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Organic vs. Paid Social Media Aug 07, 2019 »

Social media continues to grow and adds new features every day. Because of this, what works for you today might not work for you tomorrow. Navigating social platforms can get complicated and frustrating, but the benefits of using them for your business are worth it. The hardest part is understanding what organic and paid social media are, and why they're different. If you can understand these two important concepts, it will make using social media for marketing much easier.

What are organic…

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Blogging for Small Business Owners Jul 31, 2019 »

Content marketing has taken over the advertising world throughout the last several years. While outbound advertising has become less and less appealing to consumers, blogging has become quite successful. This inbound technique helps customers see the value in your products and services without being overwhelmed by sales talk. Check out the benefits that blogging can give your small business:

Did you know that 43% of business owners have no idea what blogging is and currently don’t blog…

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Social Media Ads Jul 24, 2019 »

Social media advertisements may not be new, but they are constantly changing. While your current marketing strategy might be working for you, it doesn’t hurt to re-evaluate and improve. Optimizing your promotions is a great way to increase your exposure and reach new customers. Check out why this is so important:

The most popular and successful social platforms for ads at the moment are Facebook and Instagram. Many businesses are choosing these as their preferred method of advertisements.

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Setting Good Business Goals Jul 17, 2019 »

Many businesses set goals for themselves that help motivate employees to achieve certain milestones. However, without the right knowledge and information, you could end up setting unattainable goals that lack boundaries. Whether you’re about to start fresh or are re-evaluating your goals, there are a few steps that will help you through the goal-setting process:

Define Measurable Goals

The very first thing you should do is decide what you want to accomplish. Your goals should be worth the…

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A Guide for Using Animoto Jul 10, 2019 »

Animoto is a video creation service used to create visual content to increase your business’s online presence. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this program can elevate your videos and boost your marketing efforts. Check out how Animoto can help your business:

Advantages of Animoto

Using this online program can lead to many perks for consumers, such as increased potential sales, more traffic, and eye-catching content. In fact, many customers are influenced to make a purchase after…

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Small Business Success Stories Jul 03, 2019 »

Many large corporations that are household names started from humble beginnings. Their success came from great ideas, lots of hard work, and steadfast dedication. Turning your small business into a corporate powerhouse doesn't have to be just a dream—it can be a reality. Check out these small business success stories that show anything is possible:


What began in 1945 as a small business ran inside of a garage has turned into an empire. Ruth and Elliot Handler, along with…

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Marketing at Conventions Jun 26, 2019 »

Attending conventions is a great opportunity to speak to new potential customers and investors, and can open up new doors for you and your business. Get the most out of attending with some of our suggestions:

1. What are your goals?

First things first—define your goals for the convention. It's important that you know what you want to accomplish so you can take the steps to achieve those goals. Here are a few paths you can strive for:

  • Networking with other businesses in your…
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Hot Internet Trends Jun 19, 2019 »

Now more than ever consumers are turning to online services, making digital marketing a powerful form of advertising. With constant changes in internet trends, the best way to stay on top of your competition is to know what online marketing strategies are up next. Here are the hottest internet trends you should be prepared for:


What in the world are chatbots? Chatbots are computer programs created to connect with internet users through chat windows or occasional verbal interactions. A…

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Improving Customer Loyalty Jun 12, 2019 »

Gaining the trust of your customers and translating that trust into a long-term relationship is very important. Your customers want to feel valued and feel like their business matters to you. When your consumers feel appreciated, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. Check out these suggestions on how to improve customer loyalty:

Start Blogging

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic and build credibility between your customers and your business. Make sure you research relevant…

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Marketing Your Small Business Jun 05, 2019 »

Owning a small business has different challenges than owning or managing a larger corporation. While bigger companies have access to plenty of resources, most small businesses have much smaller budgets. Marketing with that small budget has its difficulties, but it can be done. Check out these cost-effective ways to strengthen your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Make an effort to turn your website visitors into known contacts. This will encourage them to become paying customers. One way to…

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The Value of Video Streaming May 29, 2019 »

Video streaming might sound a little intimidating, but it has become a great tool for marketers. It's no secret that video content is one of the most popular forms of content these days. In fact, 95% of marketers are relying on live video. Easily elevate your marketing efforts by adding video content—you won’t regret it! Not convinced yet? Here’s why you need live video marketing:

When you go live, your audience is given the ability to interact with you while you're filming.…

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Using Instagram to Your Advantage May 22, 2019 »

Did you know that there are 25 million businesses around the world using Instagram for business? Did you also know that 200 million users go to at least one business profile a day? Instagram's audience is engaging much more than many other social platforms. Don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity—get started using an Instagram business page with our steps to get you started!

Sign up for a business account

If you don’t have a business account for your company already, then…

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Developing a Digital Marketing Plan May 15, 2019 »

In today's world, if you're not marketing on the internet, you're missing out on a large audience of potential customers. While managing your business and maintaining a solid presence online can be difficult, developing a digital marketing plan can make the process go as smoothly as possible. Not sure where to start? We have a few steps to help guide you!

What are your goals?

Define your marketing goals, which should always help accomplish your main business goals. These should be well…

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A Guide for Using Social Media May 08, 2019 »

Social media has become a huge part of marketing. These platforms are great tools for your business if you know how to use them to your advantage. Don’t miss out on new customers! Define a marketing plan for using social media in your marketing efforts; the extra time spent doing this will be worth it. Take a look at our guide on how to develop a successful social media plan.

Define Your Goals

What do you want to accomplish? What can you gain from using social media? Establish short and…

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How to Optimize Your WPN Photo Gallery May 01, 2019 »

Including photos of your products and services are crucial when it comes to attracting new customers. Images serve a purpose in gaining more exposure and traffic. Businesses that incorporate product photos are more likely to get almost double the number of views than ones without. Photos also help bring your products and services to life. Adding visuals seamlessly captures consumers’ attention and easily displays your merchandise.

Not sure how to upload photos on your WPN Storefront?…

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Develop a Successful Brand Identity Apr 24, 2019 »

Having a successful brand is the best way for businesses to differentiate themselves from others in the same industry. The stronger your brand, the more likely consumers will recognize you and want to consistently purchase from you. While it can be hard work, developing a recognizable brand is well worth it. Make a name for yourself with these tips on creating a brand identity.

What is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity is defined as a name or type of product manufactured by a particular…

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