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How to Use Twitter in Your Marketing Strategy Apr 17, 2019 »

The Internet can be quite intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with it, but learning the ropes and utilizing this platform for marketing purposes can be a great advantage. Twitter can help you achieve your marketing goals and expand your business. Not sure how? Check out our guide on using Twitter to craft a successful marketing strategy.

Crafting Your Marketing Strategy

A winning strategy with well-defined goals is the foundation for success. Planning for your business's future is imperative…

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest Apr 11, 2019 »

Pinterest has become a valuable business tool. With hundreds of millions of users on Pinterest, overlooking this social platform could be a serious mistake. About 50% of U.S. millennials use Pinterest, as well as 68% of U.S. women aged 25 to 54. While a large percentage of users are women, according to Pinterest 40% of new users are actually men. Pinterest is a gold mine for those in the wedding and party industry and incorporating this social platform into your marketing strategy will help…

How to Use Your WPN Best of Badge Jan 11, 2019 »

What are the Best of the Best Badges? They are for Wedding and Party Network vendors who are considered the best of the best in their category in their area. So if you have been chosen as one of our Best of the Best, what do you do now? Show off your badge proudly by downloading it from your Wedding and Party Network dashboard! We have a few ideas on where you can place badge.

Are You Convention Ready? Jan 03, 2019 »

In November, we went to Wedding MBA in Las Vegas and had an absolute blast! This month, we are headed to San Diego for The Special Event.We are so excited to see everyone there, and we can't wait for this show. But, we do know that there are some things that we have learned from going to Wedding MBA that we think you should know about before going to conventions- everything from what to bring to what you should wear!

The Basics of Instagram Jun 20, 2018 »

Instagram is a social network that allows people to upload photos and videos and share them with their followers. You can like, comment, and tag other users in posts and even send messages to other users.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is all mobile based. You can view users' profiles and posts on a computer, but you can't post from one. You have to use the app on a smartphone or tablet to post to your Instagram account.

This blog will walk you though the basics of creating a post for your…

Bridal Show Tips Sep 05, 2017 »

Bridal shows are awesome experiences for members of the wedding industry. There are numerous opportunities, but if this is your first show, you may feel a little overwhelmed. What do I bring? Who do I bring? How do I best showcase my business? Even for seasoned veterans of the bridal show scene, it never hurts to have a few reminders to make sure you have all that you need.

Benefits of Attending a Bridal Show Aug 18, 2017 »

Bridal shows and expos are full of opportunities for wedding vendors. If you have never attended a bridal show, you should consider it. The return on your investment is more than worth it. Here are just a few of the benefits of attending a bridal show.

Face to Face Interaction with Brides

Unless they are reaching out to you, most businesses don't get much face-time with brides. With bridal shows, you are guaranteed to see, talk to, and interact with brides. This is great for you because it…

Spice Up Your Website With Beautiful Pictures Dec 13, 2016 »

This article, titled Spice Up Your Website With Beautiful Pictures, was originally published by our friends at Atwill Media. With such good tips on selecting the right photos for your website, we thought we'd share it!

Give Them Something Special Nov 30, 2016 »

You've heard of spring cleaning, and tidying up for warmer weather, but did you know you should also freshen up for winter as well? You have probably already changed out your seasonal products and displays if you have a storefront. Now is also the time to do some updating online!

Measuring ROI Nov 22, 2016 »

Last week we walked you through the basics of creating a marketing plan. After you create a marketing plan, you have to be able to effectively measure you ROI (return on investment) to decide if the plan is working. Continue reading to learn more about measuring your ROI, and why it's important.

Marketing Strategy Basics Nov 15, 2016 »

Are you wanting to up your business's marketing strategy, but don't know where to start? It's easy to create a simple markeing strategy when you know the basics. And we mean basics. Start with the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and then you can throw in your How.

Tips for Small Business Saturday Nov 08, 2016 »

Small Business Saturday is scheduled for November 26th this year. This is a great opportunity for your business to draw in customers with limited time specials and promotions. If you haven't already begun planning for Small Business Saturday, now is the time to begin developing your marketing strategy. Here are a couple of tips to help you have a successful Small Business Saturday.

5 Reasons You Need a Website Nov 01, 2016 »

The digital age has made things increasingly more difficult for brick and mortar storefronts. The ability to go on the internet and order just about anything and have it delivered to your doorstep is a luxury that many people use. How do you keep your store on track, or ahead of the online competition? A website. This is one tool that gives your brick and mortar store front an advantage in this digital era. Need more convincing? Here are 5 reasons you need a website.

3 Scary Simple Marketing Tips Oct 25, 2016 »

Marketing can seem very scary, especially if you are a small business owner who does it all on your own. Where do you begin? Do you really need all that "stuff"? Should you hire someone to do it in-house? Or maybe a company to do it for you? Here a few tips to help you out!

Using Snapchat Geofilters for Your Business Oct 18, 2016 »

Snapchat is a rapidly growing social network that allows its users to take pictures (Snaps) and post them to their Story or send them to their friends directly. It is unique because the Snaps disappear from your Story after 24 hours, and disapper instantly after being viewed when sent directly to a friend.

2017 Floral Trend Preview Oct 11, 2016 »

While many brides are just now celebrating their wedding day, many more are planning their spring wedding, or will become engaged during the holiday season. Now is the time to begin preparing yourself for the latest wedding trends. Here is a glimpse at the florals we expect to be prominent in 2017!

Embracing the DIY Bride Oct 04, 2016 »

Something most professionals dread hearing, "I'm just going to do it all myself. It can't be that hard." Except for professionals do it every day, all day, and know just how difficult planning an event, wedding, or crafting beautiful decor and flowers can be. So in the age of the Pinterest crazed, DIY bride, how do you, as professional, embrace this type of bride?

From Florists' Review Sep 27, 2016 »

In the wedding planning process, flowers usually come later, after the dress has been purchased, venue chosen and caterer booked. That may leave florists wondering how they can up their wedding A-game. In the latest edition of Florists' Review, Teresa P. Lanker's article Polish Your Presentation, and Book More Brides shares six tips for florists to help book more brides, and we would like to share them with you! Even if you are not a florist, many of these tips can be applied to different…

What's Your Customer Service Grade? Sep 20, 2016 »

With social media and review sites like Yelp, customer service is more important now than ever. One bad review may not cause drastic damage to your business and its reputation, but several bad reviews can run your name into the ground.

The Future Is Bright Sep 06, 2016 »

If you have been concerned about the future of the event planning industry, this should give you a boost! Four teenage entrepreneurs in Sioux Falls, SD have successfully started a party planning business, and it is pretty impressive.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Aug 30, 2016 »

This post was written by Caleb Hennington and originally appeared on FGMarket's "What's the Buzz Blog." View it here, or click here to learn more about FGMarket!

You've probably heard the terms inbound and outbound marketing plenty of times during your career. Most of the time, these are terms that marketing and PR people like to throw around just to impress anyone that's hearing (at least, that's how I look at it).

Have you ever stopped to consider what these terms mean though, and what the…

Ignite Your Passion Aug 23, 2016 »

What can YOU do for ME?

In the service industry, this is a question you probably hear frequently. When a client comes to you, they are searching for a solution. You have to figure out how you can provide that answer.

Crisis Averted Aug 09, 2016 »

Crisis, it happens when you least expect. The $200 flower arrangement you spent hours on was destroyed. The hand-painted details on their ten tier wedding cake aren't the exact shade of Tiffany blue the bride wanted. There is an emergency in your own family, but you are obligated to help someone else.

Too many times businesses are faced with a crisis and don't know how to handle it. They have no plan in place, so when crisis does strike, they are left with the short end of the stick.

Pinterest for Business: The Basics Aug 02, 2016 »

Pinterest can be a very powerful tool for businesses. Pinterest is especially valuable for those looking to reach brides, but the benefits aren't just for wedding planners. Pinterest has become a hub for everything from the latest styles to the DIY market. Here are some of the basics of Pinterest to get you started!

Millennial Marketing Jul 26, 2016 »

Millennials currently make up one of the largest buying markets in the country. According to Forbes, this includes $200 billion in annual buying power. As a generation that doesn’t adhere to the traditional rules of marketing, this has left many businesses wondering how to reach such a dominant market.

Alternative Wedding Cakes Jul 19, 2016 »

Wedding cakes are often seen as the focal point of a wedding reception. Personalization is what each bride and groom is seeking lately, and their cake is no exception. Our wedding experts are bringing you the latest trends in the cake world that we expect to take off in the coming months, and they aren't what you'd expect!

Websites Jul 18, 2016 »

A website has become as essential to a business as a telephone. It is your virtual business on the internet that, often times, customers see first. A website also allows you to promote yourself in more ways than you can ever imagine. Think of your website as your virtual business. When visitors come to your REAL business, you want to make a good first impression; the same rules apply when it comes to your website.

Online Business Visibility Jul 12, 2016 »

Our world is more and more frequently becoming virtual. More people look online for businesses now more than ever before. This is why your business must have an online presence. If not, you may be losing out on some serious business.

Mobile Jun 28, 2016 »

Gone mobile? If not, you should!

Mobile is quickly becoming the new internet! You may be surprised how many visitors are finding you through mobile.

Local Media Marketing May 11, 2016 »

Here are some tips for preparing yourself for effective media work in your community.

Calls to Action Apr 27, 2016 »

Call To Action (CTA) - words used to prompt immediate action of the reader. In marketing, this could mean buying, subscribing, joining or any other action you would like them to do.