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Snapchat For Business

Snapchat For Business

Is Snapchat really the place for businesses to be spending their time and money? While this may not be the right move for everyone, it's definitely the place for those in the wedding and event industry. This social platform has a few promotional avenues that can help you take your business to the next level. Connect with your target audience in a brand new way with Snapchat!

Snap Ads

Snapchat has now implemented advertisements that show up in the Discover section of the app. The ads can be seen in between Snapchat Stories or on the layout of the Discover page. Each ad highlights a variety of content and features the word 'sponsored' on the bottom of the ad. While 'sponsored' is shown, it's easily missed by many and a large majority of consumers won't even realize they're watching an advertisement. The Discover page will actually display content that's relevant to each user, incorporating new Snapchat Stories and ads blended in with the content each person consistently watches. This is why these advertisements are so successful, and highly sought after by marketers.

Audience Engagement

Snapchat is also a great platform to engage with your audience. You can easily set up a business account and gain access to this new form of communication. There is a plethora of interactive content to choose from, including the AR Lens capability. This capability is an interactive filter that you put over your face to take pictures and videos. For those that enjoy being extra creative, you can also check out the Lens Studio. Features like these are what makes Snapchat such a desirable place to be. Let your customers know what's new with your products/services, what events your business will be attending, and any other news they should know.

Use Snapchat to reach your audience and continue to build personable relationships with your consumers. If you're looking for a little more info, check out these blogs on advertising and communicating with your audience on Snapchat!

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