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Pinterest for Business: The Basics

Pinterest for Business: The Basics

Pinterest can be a very powerful tool for businesses. Pinterest is especially valuable for those looking to reach brides, but the benefits aren't just for wedding planners. Pinterest has become a hub for everything from the latest styles to the DIY market. Here are some of the basics of Pinterest to get you started!


Boards allow you to save Pins from around the web and Pinterest itself. When you start creating boards, think of unique titles. Instead of just having a generic "Wedding Cakes" or "Wedding Flowers" board, try "Extraordinary Traditional Wedding Cakes" and "Must Have Wedding Flowers" instead. These will help draw interest to the board and the Pins that are on it.

Pinterest is also more flexible, so you don’t necessarily have to create boards and pin things that are specific to your products. Think of what your business encompasses, and who your target audience is, then create boards to reach that audience.

Types of Pins

There are 3 main types of Pins on Pinterest.

  • Buyable Pins
    • These Pins allow certain merchants to sell their products directly through Pinterest. To find out more, click here!
  • Picked for you Pins
    • These are Pins that Pinterest recommends based on other things you have repinned. These can be good things to enhance your Pinterest boards if it fits with your content. They can also lead you to the latest trends!
  • Promoted Pins
    • Promoted Pins are Pins that you pay to have promoted on Pinterest. This lets your Pin be seen by a wider audience and reach more potential customers. Pinterest uses a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when someone clicks your Pin, and you can set parameters on the maximum amount you want to spend. Learn about Promoted Pins here!


Pinterest is visual. Great graphics draw attention to your Pins, and generate clicks. One way to enhance your Pins is to use tall graphics. Pinterest suggests using images that are 735px by 1102px. Also think about putting text on your image and what colors you use. All of these things combined can make your Pin more attractive and more likely to be pinned by others.

Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool. It allows you demonstrate your own work, while also letting you keep up with the latest trends. Pinterest is a world of inspiration, so get out there and explore!

Learn. Inspire. Create. Grow.

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