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Overhaul Your Brand

Overhaul Your Brand

Branding is a concept that is largely discussed, but difficult to definitively pinpoint. This is due to its conceptual nature. A brand is rarely ever based on objective truths, but rather subjective thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Despite its abstract makeup, there are many steps that businesses can take to ensure their branding is impactful!

Stay Stategic

Every decision, word, and action made by your business reflects your brand, no matter how small. Thus, it is imperative that your brand is clear and focused. Is your brand built on kindness? Innovation? Humor? Think of attitudes and emotions that your target audience values. Afterward, brainstorm ways your company can communicate this, either directly or indirectly via writing style, graphics, and packaging. For example, energy drink brands typically use loud music and sports in advertising materials to communicate action, alertness, and excitement. Focus groups and market research are effective methods to plan and tap into the preferences of your “perfect customer.” Remember, research is imperative to making informed decisions!

Develop & Differentiate

To brand effectively, a business must be hyper-aware of the competition. What are they promising? What feelings and attitudes are evoked from their advertising and promotional materials? After conducting a competitor analysis, try to offer a different perspective to an under-represented group or audience. Perhaps the energy drink sector provides hyper-masculine products that alienate women. A business could revolve their branding to cater to this alienated segment and easily attain a new consumer base. With the magic of storytelling, casting, and editing, the finished promotional content can evoke higher concepts such as dedication, strength, and grace. Offering a different perspective is crucial to standing out and branding a business.

Feelings > Facts

Believe it or not, consumer purchasing decisions are largely dominated by emotions rather than rationale. Conveying advantages like price and product features are motivating, however, they do not influence as effectively as emotions. What do you want a potential buyer to feel or envision when they see your product? Consumers purchase products and services with goals in mind, and in turn, attribute this to their self-image. The goods that a consumer purchases are an extension of their identity.

Revamping your business's brand can seem difficult but can offer a ton of advantages. Try a few of the tips from above and let us know how it works!

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