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How to Create Brand Recognition

How to Create Brand Recognition

One of the most important marketing tips when it comes to your brand is that you should strive to create brand recognition. Brand recognition is what gets people to notice you, remember you, and consider you. When you develop a recognizable brand, you will reap the benefits. So, why is brand recognition important and what are the benefits?

Why is brand recognition important?

It helps consumers develop associations.

When you stay consistent in your marketing materials by using your brand colors, consistent tone-of-voice, brand fonts, and more, you’re making it easy for customers to develop associations. Whether they realize it or not, aspects of your brand will be in the back of their minds at all times. When they see something that aligns with your brand, they’ll think of your brand. It’s basically free marketing. For example, if a customer sees your business’s colors somewhere, your brand will come to the top of their mind. When your brand is at the top of their mind, they’re more likely to remember you when they need something you offer. This happens everywhere all the time, so don’t forget its importance!

It adds credibility.

The more people that recognize your brand, the more credible your business becomes. When people know that they’re not the only ones recognizing your brand, your brand instantly becomes more credible because new and existing customers will know that they are not the only ones noticing you!

It increases your perceived value.

When you stay consistent in all that you do for your brand, you seem more professional. When this happens, people perceive your business to be of high quality. This means that when you develop brand recognition by practicing consistency, the perceived value of your business increases.

How do you create brand recognition?

Creating recognition for your brand isn’t as hard as it sounds. It takes small steps and consistency, but anyone can do it. To give you a better idea of how you can create it for your business, check out some of these examples of what these brands are recognized for:

Google's Colors

Image source:

Wedding and Party Network's Fonts

Amazon's Arrow Symbol

Image source:

Goldfish's Slogan

Image source:

Tacos 4 Life's Mission to Give Meals

Image source:

Chewy's Customer Service

Image source:

The easiest way to ensure that you’re creating brand recognition is to stay consistent in everything you do. Use the same colors and fonts in your marketing materials. Think about your mission and goals when talking to customers. Utilize a slogan in your marketing materials. Brand Recognition doesn’t have to come from tangible items. Your tone of voice and the way you speak to your audience can be an example of your brand recognition, just like the Chewy example. When you make brand recognition a priority, you’ll start to notice growth in your business. For more marketing tips that can benefit you, follow our social media pages and keep up with our blog!

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