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The Holidays Are Here!

You've heard of spring cleaning, and tidying up for warmer weather, but did you know you should also freshen up for winter as well? You have probably already changed out your seasonal products and displays if you have a storefront. Now is also the time to do some updating online!

Clean Up Your Website

Your website is one of your most important tools for business. It allows you to draw in customers from all over, and give them all the vital information they are searching for. Make sure your website stays up to date. You should try to update your website at least once a year. However, if you want to run seasonal specials, you will need to update more frequently. This way your special will change and you can more accurately calculate your ROI for specific promotions.

Spice Up Your Social Media

Your social media should also reflect the change in the season. Update your cover photo, feature seasonal products, and if you are running any type of sale or promotion for the holidays, make sure you promote it across all of your social media. Your social media presence will help you build a larger customer base, and connect with your visitors on a new level.

Update Your Promotions on Wedding and Party Network

One great way to use your Wedding and Party Network listing is to create special promotions on your profile page! Access these through your vendor login on Wedding and Party Network. Click on the Add/Edit Promotions button, and follow the instructions from there!

Social media is a great way market your business, and you've already strengthened your online presence with your listing from Wedding and Party Network. If you don't already have a website, you should consider getting one for you business. Learn more about the amazing websites we have to offer here!

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