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From Florists' Review

From Florists' Review

In the wedding planning process, flowers usually come later, after the dress has been purchased, venue chosen and caterer booked. That may leave florists wondering how they can up their wedding A-game. In the latest edition of Florists' Review, Teresa P. Lanker's article Polish Your Presentation, and Book More Brides shares six tips for florists to help book more brides, and we would like to share them with you! Even if you are not a florist, many of these tips can be applied to different segments of the wedding world.

The Earlier the Better

Ms. Lanker's first tip for florists is to make sure to get the word out that brides should not wait until the last minute to begin planning their flowers. Florists should make brides aware that flowers are as much a priority as the venue or dress. Even if this means just setting up an initial consultation, it will let you make the bride aware of things like flower seasonality, and will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

Create the Right Atmosphere

All venues know that they should have a good atmosphere in order to attract brides, but did you know that your flower shop should do this also? Set up a private area specific for bridal consultations. Dress it up with some nice arrangements, seating, and portfolios of your wedding work, not just standard arrangement books. When a bride walkin into an upscale environment, they will automatically think more highly of your shop.

Be Professional

You are a professional, so be confident and act like it! Ms. Lanker suggests not only dressing the part, but also taking time to thoroughly prepare for your consultation. This includes creating some flower samples to match the bride's theme and colors.

Use Heightened Language

Using the right language when describing your arrangements can make a big difference.

"A "classic tussie-mussie of delicate Ranunculi, cheerful Narcissi, dainty spray roses and fragrant herbs" has more sales appeal and a higher pereived value than the same design described as a "traditional mixed bouquet." - Teresa P. Lanker

Use terms such as "blending" instead of "matching" or "color-infused" instead of "dyed."

Always Be Positive

Customer service means a lot more than most think. When you have a positive atmosphere, a bride will likely feel more comfortable spending more money with you and will also likely give your shop a referral. Also, be responsive. Schedule appointments promptly, make sure they have several ways to contact you, and listen to what they need and provide it.

Don't Turn Away DIY Brides

DIY brides are still brides, and sometimes they need a little help from the professionals. Host an arranging class, or create flower and supply bundles that they can purchase, but still be able to do on their own for a lower cost.

Remember that customer service is still key. Treat each bride as an individual and give her the attention she needs so you know you will make her big day wonderful!

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