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Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest has become a valuable business tool. With hundreds of millions of users on Pinterest, overlooking this social platform could be a serious mistake. About 50% of U.S. millennials use Pinterest, as well as 68% of U.S. women aged 25 to 54. While a large percentage of users are women, according to Pinterest 40% of new users are actually men. Pinterest is a gold mine for those in the wedding and party industry and incorporating this social platform into your marketing strategy will help you reach new potential customers.

Why Pinterest?

According to eMarketer, Pinterest is more influential than Instagram and Snapchat in terms of consumer purchasing decisions. Pinterest is known to be a place where people find inspiration and ideas. In fact, 93% of Pinterest users have uncovered a new brand or product to purchase. For the wedding industry alone, 40 million people per year use Pinterest to plan their wedding.

Pinterest also offers the option for businesses to promote specific pins. The feature is perfect for debuting a new or popular product! Pins can be an image or a video and give you the ability to link that pin to its original source. This is a wonderful way of driving traffic back to your website.

All these pins can start to add up, which is why you can put these pins in personalized boards to keep everything neat and organized. This will give your page a clean look and will be easy for consumers to navigate. Each board can have a different name, such as wedding trends, party ideas, and wedding bouquets. Consumers can choose to follow your account or to follow specific boards that interest them the most.

Tips & Tricks

Pinterest recommends pinning on evenings and weekends and at least once per day. Consistency is key! If you plan on pinning several per week, split them up instead of posting them all at once. When holidays, wedding season, and other events start approaching, make sure you plan ahead. Start pinning a month and a half ahead when consumers are most likely to begin searching.

Making sure your photos and videos are quality imagery is crucial as Pinterest is highly visual. Your pins should be clear, have plenty of lighting, and be in focus. Think about ways you can get creative and connect with your target audience. You should be selling a lifestyle, not a product or service. Pinterest has found that lifestyle images outperform product images. In the fashion and style category, pins that showcased products being used in real life had 30% more click-throughs and 170% higher checkout rates that those of products alone.

While visuals are the main focus, that's not enough. Leaving meaningful descriptions that explain exactly what consumers will get if they click through is essential. You want to include keywords that will appear in searches as well, but in a natural way that comes across naturally.

This kind of quality content is what will attract people to your wedding and party business and get them excited about interacting and following your brand. Using Pinterest could be the key to gaining more exposure. Try it out and let us know what tips helped you the most!

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