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Embracing the DIY Bride

Embracing the DIY Bride

Something most professionals dread hearing, "I'm just going to do it all myself. It can't be that hard." Except for professionals do it every day, all day, and know just how difficult planning an event, wedding, or crafting beautiful decor and flowers can be. So in the age of the Pinterest crazed, DIY bride, how do you, as professional, embrace this type of bride?

For starters, don't discriminate when a bride mentions she will be doing most of her wedding herself. You never know what has influenced her decision to do so. It could be finances, or family tradition.

Instead, support the DIY bride! If you have the available space, hold workshops to teach brides about your craft, whether that be decorating, planning, or flower arranging. You can charge low fees for these, therefore you are still able to make a profit, even if they aren't necessarily using your services. This is also a great way to interact with the brides and show them just how difficult your job can be. They may change their mind and decide to hire you anyway.

Sometimes the DIY bride sincerely wants to do her entire wedding herself, and some can. For those that need a little boost or help, don't be afraid to be the one vendor that took the time to provide that help, rather than admonishing the bride for trying to do it herself.

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