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Creating Purposeful Content

Creating Purposeful Content

It's very important that your business puts out valuable content for its consumers. Your marketing strategy is crucial in helping the company get sales, which is why you should be spending just as much time and effort working on it. Writing content that has a purpose takes more than content creation because you want to show authenticity and effectively communicate what your business stands for. Don't be afraid to get involved and start building a purpose-driven marketing strategy!

Find Your Purpose

68% of consumers are more willing to share content from purpose-driven brands with their social networks than content from traditional companies. So, what positive impact is your company making on the world? This is the first question you need to answer and the most important one. Your impact is your purpose, therefore that is what your content should be centered around.

For example, Lyft has partnered with a few voting-advocate organizations that encourage consumers to get out and cast their vote. Lyft used their social platforms to let people know and reminded them about each voting deadline. They also gave out voter registration forms to their drivers to hand out as needed to those who chose to take a ride, as well as offered in-office voter registration for their employees.

Lyft’s marketing strategy is a great example of a purpose-driven brand. Not only did they promote this campaign, but they also connected it with their main business goal by offering free rides to communities that lack affordable transportation and had no way to get to the polls.

Be Empowering

According to Cone’s 2017 survey, 87% of consumers in the U.S. said they would purchase a product because the company supported a cause they cared about. Mattel Dream Gap Project is another great example of a purpose-driven strategy. Their strategy focused on a study that illuminated, “girls lose the confidence to imagine they can be anything they want to be. That pivotal moment where she loses her former confidence is called the dream gap.

This project funds research that is looking for the reasons these girls lose confidence, and how the gap between boys and girls can be closed. Not only is Mattel working on this initiative, but they are also creating content based on their most popular toy, Barbie, that helps speak to these young girls and their families.

With society’s increasing interest in purpose-driven brands, is important that your marketing strategy includes content that promotes what the causes your business stands for. Try it out and see how your company connects with your consumers in a way it never has before!

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