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Calls to Action

What is a Call to Action?

Call To Action - words used to prompt immediate action of the reader. In marketing, this could mean buying, subscribing, joining or any other action you would like them to do.

What Can I do with Calls to Action?

1. CTA's for Sales

Calls to Action for sales should use phrases online shoppers will be looking for, such as Buy Now, Shop Now, or Checkout. This makes the buying experience as quick and easy as possible. There is no guess work in making the purchase, the buying path has been laid out.

2. Lead Capturing

These types of CTA's are for things like, signing up for your mailing list or joining an event. Phrases like, Sign Up Now or Register Today would fit into this category of calls to action.

3. Engagement CTA's

Nurturing the relationship with your customers is important, and with today's technology, easier than ever. This type of CTA is used to encourage comments and other such interactions with your company. This could be on Facebook, your blog or anywhere else online.

All types of Calls to Action are important when you are marketing your business. The CTA gives visitors a clear path to where to go next without having to guess. They know exactly what to do and how to do it in just one phrase.

Good Advice for Using CTA's

1. Make The Path Predictable

If your call to action button says Shop Now and on click they are taken to a page without any products or way to shop, this is going to confuse your visitor and it's likely they will leave.

Always make sure your CTA indicates what they are supposed to do next.

2. Make CTA's Stand out

Calls to Action should be clearly visible and in line with the path the visitor's eyes will take.

3. Use Active Language

Always make sure your calls to action indicate action, ie: Shop Now, Sign Up Today, Tell us what you think. This will make your marketing efforts more exciting and give a sense of urgency to your readers.

4. Short & Sweet

Make your CTA's short and sweet. Your message should stand out and catch the eye of your customers that is easily read.

5. Secondary CTA's

It's a good idea to use secondary Calls to Action on your marketing piece. Your primary CTA may be Buy Now but your visitor may not be in the mood to buy.

Instead, a secondary Call to Action to Follow us on Facebook or Check Out Our Blog might encourage them to interact. Secondary CTA's should be less prominent than your primary, but still visible and clickable.

Where Do I Use Calls to Action?

In short, everywhere! Anytime you want your customer to perform an action, which is almost always. CTA's don't always have to be online either, use them in all of your marketing publications.

  • Marketing emails
  • Posters, flyers & statement stuffers
  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Event promotions
  • Your website

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