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Blogging for Small Business Owners

Blogging for Small Business Owners

Content marketing has taken over the advertising world throughout the last several years. While outbound advertising has become less and less appealing to consumers, blogging has become quite successful. This inbound technique helps customers see the value in your products and services without being overwhelmed by sales talk. Check out the benefits that blogging can give your small business:

Did you know that 43% of business owners have no idea what blogging is and currently don't blog for their business? Don't miss out on potential customers and sales by falling into that percentage. For the 55% of business owners that do blog, they have made it their number one inbound marketing strategy and have seen great success. But what exactly is blogging? Blogging is an ensemble of information, thoughts, and opinions that pertain to your business, industry, or audience. This type of advertising encourages consumers to come to the business for information, rather than the business constantly pushing sales. Still not convinced of the value blogging can bring to your company?

Check out these statistics from Lyfe Marketing:

  • Publishing regular content gives businesses 8x more traffic
  • Blogging helps reduce your overall marketing budget by over 60%
  • Blogging gives 3x more sales leads

The benefits that blogging can give your business are endless. Don't spend more of your advertising budget when you could develop a more effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy. Get started on your blog today!

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