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Anything But a Wedding Cake Ideas

Unique is the new trend, and we have so many ideas for you bakers, planners, and caterers out there. Check out these adorable wedding cake alternatives that will have all the wedding guests on a sugar high!


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Cookies instead of cake are a simple, easy, and beautiful way to capture the sentimental parts of a wedding. So customizable and versatile, your clients will fall in love with this option! It’s easy for guests, servers, and cleaners and makes the most adorable photos!


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If your client loves the look and feel of a wedding cake but wants something different, macarons may be the perfect choice! Easily arranged in the shape of a cake, these sweet treats are unique with a touch of tradition. With the option for broader flavor and color options and easy cleanup, a macaron cake is a fan favorite.


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Cupcakes are a classic and totally adorable! The best thing about this alternative is the ease of serving. With all the same tastes as a wedding cake but none of the cutting and plating, wedding cupcakes are sure to be loved by all!

Petit Fours

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Looking for something a little more classy? Petit fours are the way to go! These beautiful mini cakes are just as easy to serve without sacrificing the elegance of a wedding cake. Not to mention how DELICIOUS these treats are!

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