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Alternative Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cakes are often seen as the focal point of a wedding reception. Personalization is what each bride and groom is seeking lately, and their cake is no exception. Our wedding experts are bringing you the latest trends in the cake world that we expect to take off in the coming months, and they aren't what you'd expect!

naked with berries

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes have slowly become more popular over the last couple of years. This is a trend that continues to grow as brides are straying from traditional wedding cakes. These cakes are simple, but no less beautiful than a traditional wedding cake. They are also evolving from more than an unfrosted cake adorned with flowers and berries. Some are now being decorated with buttercream piping, or baked with designs in the batter.

crepe cake

Crepe Cakes

Crepe cakes are quickly becoming the next big thing. These stacks of buttery, golden pastries are layered with filling ranging from buttercream to lemon curd and create a spectacular site. They are often adorned with fresh flowers or herbs. Some are iced, while others are drizzled with caramel or chocolate.


Pavlova & Meringue Cakes

Pavlova cakes are new to the scene, but these meringues are becoming more popular with brides who want an alternative wedding cake. From individual petite versions, to full-sized stacked tiers, this sweet treat is one that will have guests talking. However, brides who choose this cake will have to be content with it being assembled immediately before the wedding reception due to its delicate nature.

cheesecake wedding cake


Cheesecake wedding cakes are also another way for couples to forgo an overly sweet wedding cake. The choice in flavor and toppings is almost limitless for these cakes. They can be stacked in tiers or couples can create a cheesecake bar so guests can choose their own toppings.



While they aren’t cakes, pies are becoming more popular at weddings. Some couples are doing pie bars that contain all of their favorite flavors. Hand pies and mini pies are also very popular. These are a great way for guests to have their own individual dessert. They also make a spectacular display in both their mini and full size form.

Couples are tending to stray away from the traditional wedding cake in favor of something more personalized. Many of these cakes can be made so they aren’t as sweet as the traditional cake. There is also a rusticity to many of these. Nature is becoming a more prominent feature in weddings, and there is an extension of that with these cakes.

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Tandy wrote on July 29, 2016 6:38 am

I love the idea of stacked cheesecakes with various toppings on the side!
I am also all about that natural and rusticity trend at Hidden Valley!

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