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5 Most Popular Bridal Bouquet Flowers

5 Most Popular Bridal Bouquet Flowers

These flowers are definitely top trending! Check out these popular flower choices for the perfect bridal bouquets this season. Florists, add these to your next flower order! ;)

Pampas Grass

The use of pampas grass in bridal bouquets has skyrocketed this year! This wispy addition is the perfect way to add a whimsical feel to a bridal bouquet.


Fun and elegant, anemones have been showing up in lots of bridal bouquets lately. These flowers are the perfect choice for almost any color scheme because they’re so versatile!

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Silver dollar eucalyptus is the perfect filler for any bouquet! It’s always a beautiful choice for wedding flowers of all kinds, and it works great for the bride who likes the light and airy feel.

Bunny Tails

These adorable additions add some spunk and fun to a bridal bouquet. Just that little bit of bunny tails can change the entire feel of the bouquet!


These beautiful flowers have become the focal flower of choice in the latest bridal bouquets! They’re stunning, elegant, and delicate and cater to all styles.

When you have a bride that’s unsure of what she wants, recommend these flowers and they’ll be sure to fall in love!

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