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The WPN Professionals Blog is the perfect place to find the latest trends, marketing tips, and strategies to enhance and grow your business. Learn. Inspire. Create. Grow.

Content Marketing Sep 11, 2019 »

While the majority of businesses have developed a marketing strategy, many are missing a key part. Did you know that 63% of businesses do not have a content strategy? It’s important to establish a plan for the content you want to put out. In doing so, you’re more likely to achieve your main goals as a business. But what is involved in developing a successful content strategy?

Develop Goals

When you set goals, you’re giving yourself a guideline that can lead you to more exposure,…

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Interacting With Your Audience Sep 04, 2019 »

Connecting with your audience is more important than ever before. Did you know that 91% of business-to-business marketers are using content and social media marketing to build relationships with their consumers? As a business, your most important goals are to maintain existing customer relationships, acquire new ones, and listen and communicate with consumers. When you are actively doing these things, you are more likely to expand your consumer base. Whether you know it or not, people are…

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Influencer Marketing Aug 28, 2019 »

Looking for a new way to enhance your marketing strategy? Raise brand awareness with this popular approach—influencer marketing! Influencers are people with the ability to impact consumer purchases based on their position, knowledge, authority, or audience relationship. This strategy is wildly successful because established influencers are highly respected and listened to by their audience. Consumers crave reviews—they need proof that you can offer them a high-quality product or…

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The Basics of SEO Aug 21, 2019 »

You may have seen this acronym before, but do you know what it means? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the approach used to help increase a website’s search engine ranking. This is essential for businesses because it can help boost consumer traffic to your website. SEO can easily improve your visibility online—here are a few benefits:

Credibility with Customers

By optimizing your website, you are building credibility with your consumers. Encouraging positive user behavior,…

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Finding Insta-Success Aug 14, 2019 »

Instagram has continued to rise in popularity over the years, with both consumers and businesses. In fact, 25 billion companies use Instagram for business around the world. The reason businesses have flocked to this social platform is because of the 200 million users that view at least one business page every day. Instagram’s audience is actually more engaged than those on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have Instagram for business, that’s okay. We have a few steps to help you…

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